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About Us

About Us

Bert Blevins exemplifies the epitome of seizing every opportunity and embracing lifelong learning. His extensive academic credentials and professional certifications underscore his steadfast commitment to personal and professional growth. Commencing his academic journey with a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Western Kentucky University, Bert furthered his education by earning a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Bert’s dedication to education transcends his own achievements, as evidenced by his role as an adjunct lecturer at both Western Kentucky University and the University of Phoenix. Beyond academia, he has made significant contributions to various organizations, including the Las Vegas Chapter of the American Heart Association and Rotary International Las Vegas. His leadership as the former president of the Houston SharePoint User Group highlights his influential presence beyond academic realms.

As a distinguished information architect consultant, Bert specializes in projects centered on blockchain, collaboration, and information security. His reputation as a conference speaker advocating innovative strategies to bolster businesses is well-deserved. Bert’s unparalleled success stems from his unwavering commitment to continuous growth.

An expert in optimizing workflows and devising strategies for corporate expansion, Bert is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance business outcomes. Proficient in information security, application development, process optimization, collaboration, and data visualization, he is also a adept problem solver. His relentless pursuit of knowledge ensures he remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Bert's ability to identify and address procedural and infrastructural gaps aligns him with corporate objectives, yielding optimal results. His altruistic nature is evident in his dedication to enhancing the efficiency of others, reflecting his joy in fostering effectiveness. Recognized for his generosity within professional circles, Bert continually seeks opportunities to contribute, including ventures in writing.

Outside of work, Bert embraces new challenges, from piloting drones to exploring virtual reality applications, and participating in endurance competitions such as marathons and Ironman triathlons. His unwavering pursuit of excellence in all facets of life renders Bert truly extraordinary